Felix Ellis MP

Securing Tasmania’s future.

Felix Ellis MP

Your local Member of Parliament for the North West, West Coast and King Island

Securing Tasmania’s future

Felix Ellis MP is your local member of the Tasmanian Liberal Government.

He is a plumber by trade and the youngest member of the Tasmanian Parliament.

Felix is fighting to secure local jobs, better healthcare and safer communities in the North West, West Coast and King Island.

I’m here to serve and represent you.

As your local Member of Parliament, I am here to serve and represent you. I’d love to hear from you.


Keep up to date on public health and emergency announcements, breaking news, and plans for the future.

Contact Me

Need help? I'm here to serve you! We can meet at my office in Ulverstone or somewhere local to you.

(03) 6464 3048

Felix Ellis MP

4/21 Alexandra Rd, Ulverstone TAS 7315

(03) 6464 3048


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